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BITY Mold Supply Video Library


Welcome to the BITY Mold Supply video library. This is a collection of video tutorials that will help you understand the use and applications of our products. To make searching as simple as possible, we have broken down our various tutorials by types of mold-making and applications.

  • General Mold Making Information -Good starting point for those new to the molding and casting process. Information on basic molds and resin casts.
  • Poured Molds - Poured block molds of all shapes and sizes. Black molds are the most basic mold type and are fast and easy to make. Videos cover 1 and 2 piece block molds.
  • Brushed-on Molds - Brush-on mold tutorials covering the use of TinSil Silicone, PlatSil Silicone, and Polyurethane rubber. Information on the process of thickening rubber and constructing basic mother molds and support shells.
  • Resin Casting - Videos explaining the process of measuring, mixing, coloring, and pouring casting resin for a wide variety of applications.
  • Basic Lifecasting - Videos covering the use of our Accu-cast alginates and PlatSil Gels for lifecasting. Information on molding hands and faces as well as casting positives in Hydrostone and other materials.
  • Advanced Lifecasting - Videos covering more advanced lifecasting such as body molds and head casts. In addition to lifecast molds, this section also explains the clay pour process. Important! The methods demonstrated on this page are for experienced lifecasters. Practice and more practice and experimentation is the key to successful lifecasts.
  • Silicone Props - Tips for casting and painting silicone props such as doll and mask making. Many of these techniques also relate to medical device and medical simulator fabrication.
  • Prosthetics - Videos covering the basic construction of prosthetic molds for PlatSil Gel prosthetics. This section also covers casting and application of silicone Gel appliances.
  • Sculpting - Videos covering the process of pouring clay and resculpting positives for re-molding.
  • Paint & Finishing Techniques - Videos on painting and finishing resin pieces. This section also covers the use of Sculpt Nouveau Patinas on Cold Cast Bronze.
  • Gel-10 Makeup FX - Videos on creating realistic makeup effects using PlatSil Gels. Information on use of makeup products and adhesives as well as Gel-10 build-up makeup techniques.
  • Prop Making - Videos on prop making methods such as flexible foam and rubber casting. This section also includes painting techniques for props.
  • Basic Silicone Mask Making - Videos covering basic mask making with PlatSil Gels. Covers thickening and coloring PlatSil Gels.