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Casting Rubber

In addition to our standard 74 and 75 series Polyurethane rubbers for general mold making, we also offer several rubber products for casting applications.

Our PT Flex line is a castable polyurethane rubber line for prototyping and prop making. PT Flex rubbers are fast setting and low viscosity for easy pouring and fast turnaround.

GlassRub is another specialty rubber for casting clear rubber parts.

Our casting rubbers may be pigmented using PolyColor pigments. You can find PolyColors and other urethane additives here.

Need to paint a PT Flex rubber prop? Try our Flex Paint. Flex Paint is a clear paint base that may be brushed or sprayed onto Polyurethane foams and rubbers. Pigment Flex Paint with our PolyColor Pigments or Liquitex Acrylic Colors available at most hobby stores.