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Flex Paint Base (Clear)

  • $12.00

Clear flexible paint base for painting polyurethane rubber and foam.

Flex Paint is our new water-based urethane stretch paint designed to stick to soft urethane rubber and flexible foams. As it comes, Flex Paint is a good consistency for airbrushing and may be sprayed through an external mix airbrush or an HVLP gun. Flex Paint may also be applied by brush.

Flex paint is milky white and dries clear. Flex Paint may be pigmented with PolyColor Pigments to achieve a full range of colors. Adheres best to freshly cast urethane rubber and foam. A test is recommended for determining suitability. Some polyurethane surfaces will allow for better adhesion than others.

Important! Release agents must be removed from casts to allow for Flex Paint to bond to part.

Technical Data:  SDS

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