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PolyColor Urethane Color Kit

  • $88.00

Set of 8 PolyColors (including our new Flesh tone) for pigmenting Polyurethane foams, resins, and rubbers. Each color is 1oz. by weight. This set includes Red, yellow, blue, green, brown, black, Flesh, and white PolyColors. PolyColors may be intermixed to create a variety of colors. White PolyColor must be stirred before use. Colors are very concentrated. Use up to 1% total weight or Urethane.

If you are painting flexible foams and PT Flex rubber parts, PolyColors may also be used to pigment out Clear Flex Paint.

Important: These colors are for urethane foams, resins, and rubber. These pigments will not disperse in silicones of resins based on other oils. These are not paints. PolyColors must be mixed into resin or rubber systems. Colors are very concentrated and stain just about anything they touch. Use caution when using product.

Poly Colors SDS - Black, Blue, Fleshtone, White                                                                                              BrownGreenRedYellow

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