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Casting Resins

BITY Casting resins are the lowest viscosity and most impact-resistant available.

In light of recent product changes, here are some offsets for popular resin systems:

EasyFlo 60: ArtKast Pourable, TC-802 or TC-800

EasyFlo 120: TC-808 or TC-808 Jet Black

EasyFlo Clear: ArtKast Translucent

EasyFlo 90: ArtKast Pourable Slow, TC-804 or TC-804 Jet Black

1512X or 1511X: TC-804 or TC-804 Jet Black

PolyOptic 1411 (water clear resin):  WC-786

Looking for a low cost resin? Our new ArtKast resin is a economical casting resin that produces, tough, 72D , light tan/bone colored parts. This is a great resin for producing low cost decorative parts and props. ArtKast Brushable is a thixotropic Gel formula of ArtKast that self thickenes to a brushable paste once mixed. ArtKast Brushable is a great, low cost resin for mother molds and large brushed-in castings.

All of our resins may be pigmented with our PolyPig Pigments. Click here to see our full selection of urethane additives.