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Casting Resins

BITY Casting resins are the lowest viscosity and most impact-resistant available.

Our EasyFlo resin line is great for a variety of general purpose casting applications. For basic solid pours, try our EasyFlo 60. Easy Flo 120 may be used for rotational casting. EasyFlo Clear is clear amber for casting colored parts and cold cast bronze. EasyFlo 95 is a 5 minute working time versoin of EasyFlo 60.

Looking for a low cost resin? Our new ArtKast resin is a economical casting resin that produces, tough, 72D , light tan/bone colored parts. This is a great resin for producing low cost decorative parts and props. ArtKast Brushable is a thixotropic Gel formula of ArtKast that self thickenes to a brushable paste once mixed. ArtKast Brushable is a great, low cost resin for mother molds and large brushed-in castings.

Our 15 Series resins are formulated for more specific casting applications. 15-3 and 15-3X are our slow and fast speed filled resins for casting large, solid parts with very low shrinkage. 15-3 may also be used as a filler for cold-cast bronze sculptures. 1512, 1511, and 1512X are the slow, medium, and fast setting plastic of choice for mother molds, thin prototype casts, and applications that require hard, super strong plastic.

15X additive may be used to accelerate the cure of EasyFlo and 15 Series resins. PolyFiber may be mixed into any of our resins to create a brushable paste for brushed-in castings or mother molds. All of our resins may be pigmented with our PolyColor pigments. Click here to see our full selection of urethane additives.