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TC-857 Clear Casting Resin - All Kit Sizes

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TC-857 A/B is a rigid 84 Shore D polyurethane system that exhibits exceptional physical properties.  It is a high performance material that features high heat deflection capability and low shrinkage.  TC-857 is a clear casting material that allows for unrestricted tinting and precise color matching.  This product is ideal for producing intrinsically colored parts requiring a non-painted finish.  Add PolyColor Pigments or 6800 pigments to tinit intrinsically. This system can be easily processed by hand or with meter-mix-dispense, pressure or vacuum cast equipment.

  • Exhibits high heat distortion temperature
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Odorless, clear; easy to tint or color
  • Excellent for hand, vacuum or pressure casting
  • Exceptional clarity


Shore Hardness Worktime Demold Time Shrinkage
Viscosity Ratio
84 D 5-7 minutes 3-4 hours 0.004 1200 cps 100/55 pbw


Technical Data:  Datasheet -- SDS  Part A - Part B 

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