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Platinum Cure Silicones

BITY offers a full selection of high-quality Platinum Cure silicone. Our silicone formulas are known for their low viscosity, low shrinkage, and high casting output.

Our Platinum formulas are ideal for prototyping accurate resin parts, special effects skins, candle making, soap making, and medical simulators. the new 51 series silicones are all low viscosity, fast setting, and translucent. These silicones may be used for mold-making as well as casting applications.

  • Prosthetic Gel 1: Soft & Stretchy. May be used for prosthetics or small fast molds. May be thickened with Thixo or softened to a VERY soft gel with Prosthetic Additive 1.
  • 5100: VERY soft & stretchy. May be used for small, delicate parts. Cannot be thickened with Thixo.
  • 5110: Soft & stretchy, 10A for parts with deep undercuts.
  • 5110F: Fast, soft, and low viscosity for molds and cast parts.
  • 5130: ~30A for 2 piece molds, and large brush-on molds.
  • 5140: Firm, 40A for 2 piece molds with minimal undercuts and foam casting. May be thickened for brush-on molds.
  • 5150: Very Firm, 50A for multi-piece molds and prototypes requiring a firm silicone. May be thickened for brush-on molds.

We also offer specialty silicone formulas such as Faux 2O. This is a low viscosity silicone that cures clear and brittle for simulating ice, waster, and other liquid effects.

You can find all of our pigments and additives for silicones here.

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