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Product Guide

BITY Mold Supply Product Guide

Welcome to BITY Mold Supply! BITY has been supplying specialty, high-quality, molding and casting supplies to the art and industrial world since 2004. We are an independent distributor and this status allows us the freedom to carry the best products from the best suppliers.

Whether you are a beginner or professional this product guide will be a great resource for you. You can also check out our video library page for more product and how-to information here.

If you are new to molding and casting, we recommend that you start with our product guide. Our product guide is full of information on our products and also includes tips on mold-making, casting, and finishing. You can order a copy here. If you are ordering by phone, you can request that a copy be added to your order for no extra charge.

Important! All of our flexible rubbers are measured on the Shore "A" Scale. The A scale ranges from 0-95. Our rubber products are coded by "A" value with the last 2 digits of the formula name denoting the A value or softness.



  • Urethane Rubbers - Our polyurethane rubbers are 2 part, flexible rubber systems that may be brushed or poured to create molds for decorative concrete, dry tamp concrete, plaster, wax casting, and short run resin casting. Polyurethane rubbers are ideal for large, lower cost molds. Our urethane formulas, such as 74-20, are very strong and tear resistant making them very popular for production of veneer stone.
  • Casting Resins - BITY offers a large selection 2 part casting resins for creating hard plastic parts, semi-rigid parts, clear parts, and support shells over rubber molds. Our EasyFlo series of resins is very popular for general purpose casting as it is very low-viscosity and has a high impact resistance once cured.
  • Urethane Foams - We offer both rigid and flexible foam for a variety of prop making and industrial applications. Our low density rigid foams are popular for back-filling hollow resin casts. Our flexible foams ideal for flexible parts or as flexible backing for our casting rubbers.
  • Casting Rubbers - Our casting rubber are unique in that they are fast setting urethane formulas that are also very low viscosity. These rubber products are well suited for prototyping flexible parts and prop making.
  • Urethane Additives - Visit our urethane additive page for a complete selection of thickeners, softeners, pigments, UV additives, and more. These are chemicals that may be added to our existing urethane formulas to modify them to better suit your application.
  • Release Agents - Release agents are a must with urethanes as urethane formulas are very adhesive. our 2300 spray release, for example is ideal for most urethane mold making applications.

Silicone Rubbers

  • Tin Cure Silicones - BITY offers several formulas of Tin Cure silicone that are well suited for resin and foam casting. Silicones like our 80-15 and 80-30 may be thickened for brush-on applications. Tin Cure silicones are ideal for molding surfaces that might inhibit platinum cure silicones.
  • Platinum Cure Silicones - We offer a huge line of platinum silicones for mold-making and special effects application. This category is devoted to our mold-making silicones and some of our specialty platinum formulas, such as Siliglass. Our Platinum Silicones are formulated for precision mold-making and are ideal for prototyping resin parts. Our fast setting Platinums, such as 71-10 and 73-20 are very popular in the film industry where accurate props need to be made fast.
  • PlatSil Gels - Our PlatSil Gels are THE go-to silicone for special effects applications. PlatSil Gels are translucent silicone formulas designed to simulate organic tissue. Our PlatSil formulas are popular for creating dolls, masks, medical simulators and more. Be sure to also check our additives page for softeners, hardeners, thickeners, and pigments for PlatSil Gels.
  • Silicone Additives - All of our silicone formulas, Tin and Platinum, may be modified with a variety of additives. We also offer pigments and specialty softeners for silicone.
  • Release Agents - BITY offers a wide range of release agents for releasing silicone from a variety of pattern surfaces. 2500 is our most popular release for silicone mold-making. 2350 is very popular for releasing silicone from silicone.

Special Effects Makeup Products

  • Makeup FX - BITY offers a unique assortment of hard-to-find makeup products. Silicone Gel appliances require special encapsulators, colors, and adhesives and you can find them all here.

Additional Products

  • PolyGem Epoxies - Our epoxy products are formulated for a wide range of theme park and mold-making applications. The Polygem Zoopoxy line allows you to sculpt a final piece, directly in epoxy resin, that is tough, impact resistant, and sage for animal environments.
  • Sculpt Nouveau - The Sculpt Nouveau line of Patinas, Metal Coatings, and sealers is the industry standard for outdoor metal sculpture and architectural applications. Our metal coatings and Prime-it primer are also popular finishing materials for artists creating sculptures in epoxy, urethane resin, and plaster.
  • Lifecasting Supplies - For Lifecasting applications we carry Accucast Alginates. These are high-quality, non-toxic formulas for molding the human form. We also offer high grade plaster bandages and lifecasting silicones.
  • Plasters/Stones - BITY supplies a variety of USG plasters and stones for tooling and casting applications. Our Hydrocal is very popular for both casting and molding applications. We also supply Ultracal 30, Hydrostone, and Pottery Plaster.
  • Tools - Need good sculpting tools or scalpels for mold making? Here's where they are. We supply a carefully selected line of tools for sculpting and mold making. Check this page often as we are constantly expanding our tool section.
  • Clay - Our selection of water-based and oil-based clays for sculpting and mold-making. Rest assured, all of our clay formulas are sulfur-free so no need to worry about cure inhibition with PlatSil formulas.
  • Hot Wire Foam Factory - Hot Wire tools and coatings are designed to help you carve styro foam and hard coat it to create inexpensive signs and theme park props.
  • Latex Products - BITY offers castable mask latex, molding latex, and Foam Latex.
  • Food-Safe - Composimold products are ideal for craft applications and small, cheap molds. Composimold rubber is also food safe.
  • Kits - Visit our kit section for a full range of molding and casting kits that will help simplify the shopping process for first time mold makers.
  • DVDs, Books, Magazines - BITY carries a selection of molding and casting books and DVDs to help get you started. We also carry the new Prosthetics Magazine.