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Our Team

The BITY Mold Supply team has been working since 2004 to bring you the highest quality mold-making products at the best price. The BITY team is a lean and efficient machine. Unlike the typical corporate model, BITY team members all wear many hats, from janitor to lifecasting assistant.

We love to brainstorm with our customers and help in the problem solving process. A day at BITY might find us running test parts in silicone for a medical device manufacturer in the morning, and shipping out hundreds of pounds of silicone for a feature film in the afternoon. Local customers bring projects by to discuss molding or casting options and find BITY to be a hub of artistic energy.

As an independent distributor and supplier, BITY has the freedom to bring you the best products for your application. Our allegiance is to our customers and not a corporate party line. BITY has assembled a diverse and extensive line of products carrying only the best and most reliable brands and chemicals. In the past 10 years, our expansive practical knowledge of our products has set us apart from other suppliers, earning us an influential position with customers and suppliers alike. BITY is constantly working with formulators at Polytek, Sculpt Nouveau, Accucast, and other suppliers to improve existing products and bring new materials to the marketplace.

Product and practical mold knowledge is the key to success at BITY, but we don't know it all. Part of being a good supplier is knowing when we don't know. If we don't have the solution to your molding or casting problem and we can't trouble shoot it with you, we will try our best to steer you toward an appropriate solution elsewhere. Selling you a product you don't need or that does not fit your application only hurts us both. Our reputation is built on your casting success.



Vice President Of Sales

Mitch started his professional mold making career at a fine art bronze foundry in Lubbock, Texas. Since that time, Mitch has made molds for cast stone shops, design studios, local sculptors, display companies, prosthetic labs, prototypes, taxidermists, films, and more. This combined experience led to the formation of BITY Mold Supply.

In 2004, Mitch moved to the supply side of the mold making/special effects trade. Since 2004, Mitch has operated BITY Mold Supply as an answer to local artists and industry needs.

More about

Leroy, BITY Mold Supply Richardson TX USA


Purchasing Manager/CEO

Leroy oversees purchasing of facility equipment, inventory, and internet services. Leroy has a colorful background and earned his experience, as he says, "in the school of life." Leroy keeps a busy schedule for a gentleman of his age. Leroy may be reached by phone and by appointment only.

Jennifer, BITY Mold Supply Richardson TX USA


Sales Manager

Jennifer joined our team in 2011 and oversees our sales department. If you call our physical store in Richardson, Jennifer may be one of the voices you hear. Jennifer has a background in fashion design that has absolutely no relevance in our office. Jennifer also cleans our bathrooms.

Robyn, BITY Mold Supply Richardson TX USA



Robyn has been a critical member of the BITY staff since 2008. Robyn manages incoming phone orders as well as internet sales. New accounts and order questions all go through Robyn. Robyn has over 20 years of book keeping experience and has exactly zero interest in understanding the products we sell.

Larry, BITY Mold Supply Richardson TX USA


Warehouse Manager

Larry joined our team in 2012. Larry oversees the smooth operation of our warehouse and packaging operation and makes sure packages make it across the country without incident. Most days find Larry bringing his lunch to work, listening to podcasts while checking orders, and possibly writing a draft of a scandalous memoir of his time thus far at BITY.

Patrick, BITY Mold Supply Richardson TX USA


Studio Manager

Patrick is a wealth of practical molding and casting knowledge. He has hands-on experience that spans the entire molding and casting spectrum. If you are a local customer with mold-making questions or if you are calling in from across the country you will probably talk to Patrick. Patrick has been helping around the shop at BITY since 2006, helping with video production and mold making experiments. We saw much promise in Patrick's skills and started paying him in 2014.