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Plaster & Gypsums

Browse our Plaster/Gypsum selection for all of your casting and mother-mold needs. Our selection of USG Plasters and Stones includes:

  • Pottery Plaster - For general purpose casting applications. Good for thick parts. Cast parts are easy to sand and carve for removing air bubbles and seams.
  • Hydrocal - Ideal for casting lifecast faces, heads, and torsos from alginate molds. Hydrocal is very strong but still retains some of the working properties specific to plaster. May be sanded and refined with steel tools. Great for mother molds and support shells.
  • Ultracal 30 - Popular for mother molds, mask molds, prosthetic molds, and lifecasts that require resistance to heat. Ultracal 30 offers a long working time (~30 minutes) and cures to a very strong, durable stone. Ideal for Foam Latex molds.
  • Hydrostone - Great for casting statuary and lifecasts such as hands. Very strong, even in thin cross sections. Fast setting stone material for casting production art pieces with good impact resistance.