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Plaster Bandages (All sizes: Rolls, Boxes, Cases)

  • $3.99

M-Pact brand is unbeatable in strength and amount of plaster to matrix material. Dip in clean water to activate for a fast and economical mother mold material. For lifecasting or mold-making.

Important! Plaster bandage material is VERY moisture sensitive. Unused bandage material must be resealed to prevent contamination from ambient humidity.

5 Yards Total Length per Roll

General Plaster Bandage usage Tips:

Group Hand Cast (3-5 hands): 3-5 4-6" rolls

Face Cast (Forehead to chin): 1 4" roll

Face Cast (Top of head to collarbone, with ears): 3-4 4" rolls

Full Head Cast (Head & Shoulders): 6-8 4" rolls or 5-6 6" rolls

Torso Cast (Front): 6-8 6" rolls

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