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BR-75 Brushable Resin Quart Kit

  • $55.00

BR-75D is a rigid 75 Shore D, high impact material designed to be brushed onto the back of silicone glove molds to create a tough, lightweight shell "Jacket"/"Mothermold".  BR-75D can also be used to make parts by brushing into molds and backing with rigid urethane foam, creating very strong and lightweight pieces.  BR-75D may also be used in conjunction with other material systems.  For example: applying BJB's TC-1630 as a surface coat on forms made from water-based clays (TC-1630 is more moisture resistant) and backing with BR-75D for improved durability, weight savings, and layer thickness. 

What makes BR-75D different is that you can create very fast molds without the hassle of needing fiberglass cloth or other reinforcements with other products or techniques.  It is also much more dimensionally stable and heat resistant compared to competitive products on the market.  This expands it's usefulness and value in making molds that last!

Check out our videos in the above tab to see how well this product works!

  • RoHS/REACH Compliant
  • Popular for Molds & Parts
  • Easy to Pigment
  • Special Effects & Props
  • High Impact
  • Easy Mix Ratio

Shore Hardness Worktime Demold Time Ratio
75 Shore D 10-15 minutes 2-3 hours 100/100 pbw


Technical Data:  Datasheet - Part A MSDS - Part B MSDS

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