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Prime-It Primer

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Prime-It is a one part, water base, no VOC primer designed for use in severe industrial environments for the protection of steel structures. It provides excellent chemical, abrasion, and corrosion resistance. Prime-it may also be used to prepare plastics, such as polyurethanes, for painting with Metal Coatings and paints.

Prime-it is now available in 4 colors: Red, Grey, Verde, and Black. We have recently introduced Verde as it is an ideal background color for Copper or Bronze metal coatings.

Prime-it may be applied by brush, roller, or HVLP Spray gun. Thin with distilled water.

When applying traditional or acid patinas to the Metal Coatings over iron, steel, or aluminum, a primer must first be used to protect the underlying metal from corrosion. This one part primer is recommended to protect the original ferrous surface. Prime-It is a fast curing and strong primer for ferrous metals.

Any surface should be cleaned before applying the primer. Spray or brush on.

Practical coverage: 200-350 square feet per Gallon

Technical Data:   Product Guide  -  Datasheet  -  SDS

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