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Resin Casting

Resin Casting

Welcome to our resin casting tutorial page. Resin casting is not rocket science, but there are a lot of important steps that add up to a good resin cast. This page will introduce you to the basic process and materials for resin casting figurines and other small plastic parts.

Our EasyFlo Resins are easy to use, hence the name, but you must follow some basic guidelines to get good, consistent, paintable casts. PolyColor Pigments, as seen in this video, may be added to our liquid resins to achieve a variety of colors. This video will walk you thought the basic mixing and measuring steps that will help you avoid common problems.

In addition to the standard EasyFlo formulas for solid casting, we also offer EasyFlo 120 for rotational casting. In this next tutorial we cast a resin bust using EasyFlo 120 "sloshed" into the mold. A hollow part like this may also be back-filled with rigid casting foam for additional strength.

 Once you are familiar with the basic resin casting process, you can get more elaborate in your casting techniques. The "Cold Cast Bronze" process, or bonded bronze, is a great way to reproduce sculpture that has the look and weight (if desired) of real bronze by adding bronze powder and PolyColor Pigment to the liquid resin. In this tutorial we explain the basic process of making a cold cast bronze face from a silicone mold.

 Sculpt Nouveau waxes are a great way to finish a cold cast bronze piece, but you can also  apply Sculpt Nouveau's traditional green patinas over cold cast resins provided you follow these steps:

Finally, some parts may just be cast in plain, Easyflo resin and painted. All of our EasyFlo resins and 15 series resins are designed to be painted if desired. For paintable parts, we recommend casting into a Tinsil Silicone or PlatSil Silicone mold with no release. In order to cast consistently paintable parts, you must measure, mix, and prime your resin accordingly. In this tutorial we walk you through the steps that lead to good, paintable parts.

In addition to our EasyFlo resins, we also offer Optically clear resin such as our Poly Optic 1411. As it comes, Poly Optic 1411 is a relatively fast curing resin.If you need to adjust the cure time, speed it up or slow it down, we offer 14X and 14R. In the following tutorial we cover the basic casting process for 1411 resin.

Pressure casting Water Clear WC-786 Resin

In this tutorial we explain the basic rules of pressure casting along with a host of tips for clear resins in general. WC-786 is a great general purpose water clear resin with great strength and heat resistance. In this video we are casting into PlatSil 71-11 molds.