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EasyFlo 60 Casting Resin - All Kit Sizes

  • $29.00

EasyFlo 60 is a super low viscosity, 1:1 by volume, polyurethane casting resin that has a 2-2.5min. working time and a 15-30 min. demold. EasyFlo 60 cures to a D65 hardness which translates into very high impact resistance. This is a super easy to use product that is infinitely versatile. Great for casting small model parts, art casting, 3D print reproduction, and more. For highest yield of parts, we recommend using our PlatSil silicone rubbers.

1A:1B By VOLUME 100A:90B By Weight
Cures White in 2-2.5 minutes at room temp.
Demold in 15-30 Minutes.
Mixed Viscosity: 60 (cP)

May be thickened with PolyFiber II for brushing into molds or onto surfaces.
Pigment with PolyColors.
Extend with glass filler or PolyFil ND.

Need more working time? Consider EasyFlo 90 or TC-803 casting resins. For super high strength parts, consider 1512, 1512X, or 1511.

Technical Data: EasyFlo 60 - Datasheet           EasyFlo Physical Properties
  EasyFlo 60 Part A - MSDS      EasyFlo 60 Part B - MSDS

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