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Traditional Green Patina

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Traditional patinas contain acids that will form beautiful patinas on bronze, brass, copper, and the Metal Coatings. Tan and Tiffany Green will cause rust to form on iron or steel. Many of these are old formulas that have just been pre-mixed for you. All contain acids.

Photo: Tiffany Green Patina shown on Bronze Metal Coating B.

Tiffany Green is a cold patina for bronze, brass, and copper. It may be used both indoors and outdoors. If used outdoors, Tiffany Green should be applied in the shade. Once the patina has developed it may be placed in full sun. Tiffany Green for that traditional green aged appearance on Non- Ferrous metals (Bronze, Brass, Copper), or create a bright orange rust to iron and steel.

Light Green Patina is a cold patina for bronze, brass, and copper. Apply to a clean, cold (65°-70°F) metal. It will take 2-12 hours to completely react with the metal.

Jade Green Patina is a hot or cold patina for bronze, brass, and copper. If applied cold, the color develop into kelly green in about 12 hours. If applied hot, the color will be jade green when used with the Universal Black or Black Dye-Oxide Patinas. The finish should be protected with 2 coats of Clear Guard.

Mint Green is a patina for bronze, brass, and copper that may be applied hot or cold. This patina will create a beautiful green while in the full sun and is recommended when working outdoors on copper roofs and gutters.


An alternative green when working outdoors in the sun is the Vista Green Patina.

Technical Data:   Product Guide                                                                                                        SDS:   Jade  -  Lite Green  -  Mint  -  Tiffany

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