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Finishing Techniques

Finishing Techniques

Once you have molded and cast a sculpture in resin or plaster, you are ready to apply a finish to your piece. In this tutorial we use Sculpt Nouveau's Prime-it and  Bronze B Metal Coating along with the Sculpt Nouveau metal waxes to create a realistic antique bronze finish.

Sculpt Nouveau Metal Coatings may be used to create a wide variety of realistic metallic effects over resins as well as gypsums. In this tutorial we use Sculpt Nouveau's Silver B Metal Coating and Black Wax to create a faux silver finish on a resin piece cast in EasyFlo resin. The key to this finish is our Prime-it primer. Prime-it is designed to bond to a variety of surfaces including Polyurethane resins. Prime-it Black and Grety are both popular primers for creating realistic metallic finishes.

Sculpt Nouveau Metal coatings may also be oxidized using our Traditional Patinas. In this tutorial we use Iron B, Tiffany green Patina, and Tan Patina to achieve a realistic rusted iron finish. Again, Prime-it primer Black is used a base coating over EasyFlo resin.

 Much like our Iron B, our Copper B Metal Coating may also be oxidized to create brilliant greens and blues. The following tutorial covers the basic process of applying Copper B metal coating and oxidizing it with Tiffany Green Patina. This finish was also created over EasyFlo resin using Prime-it Primer.