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Sculpting Tutorials

Our clay selection includes Chavant, Monster Clay, Castilene, White Modeling Clay (water based), and Protolina. White Modeling Clay (not actually white unless fired), is a great utility clay for mold making. Chavant and Monster Clay are great professional oil based clay formulas for detailed sculptures over stable armatures. Protolina is a low cost, general purpose, oil based clay for sculpting and mold making.

We also carry a variety of professional grade Sculpting Tools.

Monster Clay is unique in that it can be melted and then poured into a mold.  After just a few minutes at 140 degrees Fahrenheit Monster Clay melts to a consistency that rivals the fluidity of water. 

 Monster Clay can be poured in one solid piece without any warping.  If working with a large piece such as a full head and shoulders Monster Clay can be "Sloshed" in layers to create a hollow casting.

 Monster Clay comes in three varieties Soft, Medium, and Hard.