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Basic Mask Making

Tips For Basic Silicone Masks

Looking to make a silicone mask? In these tutorials we present a method for simple silicone masks that is relatively inexpensive and fast!

For this process you can use our Gel-10 Starter Kit and upgrade it to an eight pound kit. A silicone mask like this takes about 2 lbs of silicone. This process can be done with either Gel-10 or Gel-00. As seen in these videos, Gel-00 is preferable as it is softer and moves with the face more realistically.


Our new PlatSil Gel-0020 and 0030 are great for casting masks with core molds or other poured mask configurations. In this tutorial we explain the basics of the core mold as well as the casting and demolding process.

Once you have cast a mask in Gel-0020 or 0030, you'll need to patch and paint it. In this tutorial we explain the patch and painting process using Gel-0020 and Gel-10 as a paint base.