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Brushed-on Molds

Brushed-on Molds

Our silicones and urethanes are very versatile and most may be thickened for brush-on molds as well as poured. Our Polyurethane formulas, such as 74 and 75 series, may be thickened with PolyFiber to create a brushable paste that may be applied by brush or trowel to a vertical surface. You can find PolyFiber as well as 74/75X accelerator in the urethane additives section. The shim technique we refer to in this video can be found on this DVD.

Our PlatSil Gels, such as PlatSil Gel-25 and Gel-10, are very popular for making fast, strong molds of all types of parts. PlatSil Gels may be thickened using TinThix thickener for brush-on applications. Since PlatSil Gels are translucent, silicone pigment may be added to aid in visibility and contrast of layers.

For larger props and monument molds, 80-30 silicone may be used. Our TinSil 80-30 is a tin cure formula and may be used over patterns that might inhibit the cure of our platinum formulas. Like PlatSil Gels, 80-30 may also be thickened with TinThix thickener.

In the next tutorial we explain how to make a seamless Gel-10 mold with a resin support shell. This is a long one so get a cold drink and get comfortable. Gel-10 used in this video can be found on the PlatSil Gels page. 1512 resin we used for the support shell can be found on our resin page.