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ArtKast Brushable Resin - All Kit Sizes

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ArtKast Brushable resin is a self-thickening resin formula for creating brushed-in casts and mothermolds. ArtKast Brushable is a great casting medium for large resin piece cast into large brushed-on molds. Maybe applied in multiple layers. Nylon or Glass fiber may be added for additional strength in large casts or mothermolds. ArtKast Brushable may be pigmented with PolyPig Pigments.

ArtKast Pourable, is a formula for solid casting applications such as decorative parts and patterns. Hollow ArtKast parts may be backed up with our Rigid Casting Foam.

A combination of PartAll #2 wax and 2300 spray release may be used as a release for 2 piece molds.

Important! This is a moisture sensitive polyurethane (as are most polyurethanes) and should be used against clean, dry surfaces. Avoid working in very humid areas as foaming may occur and air pockets may form on the surface of your part. Use PolyPurge to preserve the life of the uncured product.

Once the A and B components are mixed, they will begin to thicken to a thixotropic gel consistency allowing for ~5-7 minutes of working time at 70F. ArtKast Brushable is an economical formula intended for professional/industrial use. ArtKast is low odor, but should be used in a well ventilated area. Demold time for thick parts will be 60-90 minutes. Demold time for thin shells will be 3-5 hours, sometimes more for very thin parts.

Matrix molds using water based clay may be sealed with our new Silver Vinyl Resin and then released with 2300. Vinyl Resin acts as a sealer to prevent moisture contamination.

Mix Ratio: 1:1 by weight or volume (Volume mixing will result in some leftover part B as more part A will be used.)

Technical Data:  Datasheet -- SDS  Part A - Part B 

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