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Silicone Prosthetics Tutorials

In this tutorial we explain the basic use of Deadener LV and Gel-25. Deadener LV is an additive that softens PlatSil Gels and reduces the "snappy" quality of synthetic rubbers. Deadener LV can be used to soften Gel-25 into the OOO range.

In this tutorial we show how to make a simple Gel-25 mold of a plaster or Hydrocal positive. Gel-25 can be thickened to a "brushable" consistency by adding TinThix thickener. Resin, such as EasyFlo 120, can be thickened with Polyfiber to create a hard shell over the silicone mold.



 PlatSil Gel-OO is a soft formula in the PlatSil Gel line that feels about as soft a human ear lobe. In this video we use Gel-OO without Deadener to cast a simple eye prosthetic. For this application we used thickened Gel-10 (Thickened with TinThix) as an adhesive to apply the prosthetic.

An important step in creating silicone prosthetics is creating a corrected positive core. In this next video we explain the process of creating a TC-1630 resin core from a PlatSil Gel-25 mold.

Once a core is made, a prosthetic can be sculpted on the core, or "floated" off of a face cast and onto a core. In this tutorial we explain the process of creating a TC-1630 prosthetic mold for casting Deadened Gel silicone prosthetics. We sculpted the prosthetic with Chavant NSP Soft.

Once a prosthetic mold has been made, you are ready to cast a silicone prosthetic. In this tutorial we explain the process of casting an encapsulated, Deadened PlatSil Gel-25 prosthetic. We used Super Baldiez as the encapsulator and PlatSil Gel-25 Deadened with Deadener LV.

We applied the finished prosthetic with Silabond adhesive and blended it with EBA colors. Important! Since we were sticking silicone to skin, he used Silabond rather than Prosaide. Prosaide will not stick silicone to skin! We used an EBA Master palette for blending.

If you are new to using Alcohol Activated Makeup, this next tutorial will explain the fundamentals of EBA Palettes. These colors must be activated with 99% Alcohol or Fuel Activator. 70% or 91% will not activate these colors!