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Gel-10 Makeup Tips

PlatSil Gel-10 Makeup

PlatSil Gel-10 is one of our most versatile products. It is used for makeup, lifecasts, molds, and prosthetics. BITY customers have been using Gel-10 as a "build-up" makeup material for 3D makeup since 2005. If you are familiar with theatrical derma wax, Gel-10 and TinThix thickener allow you to do everything you always wished derma wax would do. Gel-10 may be pigmented, thickened, and applied directly to the skin to produce life-like injury simulation and other skin FX. Once cured, Gel-10 may be blended and detailed with our BITY makeup palettes (alcohol activated).

In this tutorial we apply a basic Gel-10 cut, detail it with alcohol colors, and add realistic EBA Blood. This is a very effective makeup technique that easy to master.

A great technique for realistic trauma simulation is to cast pre-made sections of Gel-10 bone or muscle using our Compound Fracture mold or our Sinew mold and use them to enhance a Gel-10 build-up makeup. Our Gel-10 Starter Kit is a great way to begin. Kit contains all the Gel-10 and additives you need to get started.

With a little practice, any flesh tone may be matched using our silicone pigments and our Flocking kit. Flocking adds realism to pigmented Gel-10 by breaking up the homogeneous color inherent in pigmented silicone.

In this next tutorial we explain the process of mixing and applying Gel-10, matching a flesh tone (using white silicone pigment + flocking), and embedding an acrylic eye.