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How long does Sculpt Nouveau Metal Coating last outside?

Posted by Mitch Rogers on

How long does Metal Coating last outside?

We get this question a lot when shops and theme parks are considering Metal Coatings for exterior applications. The short answer is "a really long time."

I recently had a chance to visit the San Diego Zoo with Sculpt Nouveau Metal Coating creator, Ron Young. Over twenty three years ago Ron was commissioned to apply an oxidized Bronze finish to part of the Pygmy Chimpanzee exhibit. In order to save on cost, Bronze B Metal Coating was chosen over "real" Bronze.

Here's how they applied it: The original surface was clean, oil-free corrugated metal. Ron did a standard Metal Coating application of 2 coats of "B" Metal Coating applied with a roller. The Metal Coating application was followed by a patina of Mint Green and Tiffany Green. The Patinas were applied with a sea sponge while the final "B" Coating was still wet. Applying traditional patinas while metal coating is wet allows the acids to react with the metal powder and oxidize. Once the the acrylic base dries, the metal is sealed in and will the patina will have little to no effect.

The result was a wall with a realistic, oxidized Bronze finish. No sealer was applied. Over twenty  three years later, the wall looks as good as it did after the original application. This is a high traffic area of the zoo and the surrounding area is steam cleaned on a regular basis.


So Metal Coatings can be used (Both B and C) inside and outside in harsh conditions and hold up very well. The key to a long-lasting finish like this is good surface prep. Even a textbook application over a dirty or oily surface will peel off easily over time.

If you are using our Metal Coatings outside, you can also use our new Prime-It primer to help bond the Metal Coatings to a variety of surfaces, even Polyurethane resins. Metal surfaces can also be cleaned with our Industrial Metal Cleaner prior to primer application.

So next time you visit the San Diego Zoo, be sure to say "Hi" to the chimps and check on Ron's handiwork and remember that properly applied Metal Coating can last for decades!

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