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New FS-10 & FS-20 Silicone!

Posted by Mitch Rogers on

New FS-10 & FS-20 Silicone!

There is a new PlatSil silicone line: FS series! This is a new "Fast Setting" formula, hence the FS, and it has an incredible cure profile: 8 minute working time and a 25 minute demold. In addition to being fast, it is also very low viscosity and strong. Like many other silicones in the PlatSil line, FS series silicones can be thickened for brush-on applications. FS series silicones are also translucent so they may be easily pigmented with our silicone pigments for special effects applications. Here's a new video explaining the basic use of FS-20. You can find FS-10 and...

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