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10 years on Youtube!

Posted by Mitch Rogers on

The BITY Youtube page is now 10 years old! We posted our first tutorial in 2006. It was a tutorial on making a Gel-10 severed hand. If you have followed our channel for a while, you might remember it.

That video went viral in a few days and we knew that youtube would be a great place to explain techniques and product applications. 10 years on, we now have over 205 videos covering a wide spectrum of applications.

Moving forward into 2017, we want your input for new content. What would you like to see? We have 100s of hours of video that has yet to be posted, but we also want your suggestions. Many of you have asked for longer, more in depth videos. Some of you have requested more FX content or more lifefacsting content.

Comment below and let us know what you would like to see. Thanks again for your loyalty to our youtube channel and to our webstore. We couldn't have done it without you! Also, be sure to take advantage of the 5% coupon "thankyou" code at the end of the video. From all of the BITY team, thanks!

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  • Please, please, please I’d love to see a how-to on making a silicone mask with a 2 part mold and injecting the silicone into the mold. The process is virtually impossible to find online anywhere. This would be a great way for people who want to graduate from latex masks to silicone. Thanks!!!

    Jared Balog on
  • hey guys been watching your videos for years now and there great!some of the things id like to see is silicone seaming techniques as its a big problem to get it right when doing a two part or however many part mold.Also more on adding open eyes as i know you have already done one of sculpting in eyes on a monster clay head but you haven’t done one on molding open eyes then adding in the eyes after casting in silicone latex etc.

    Dalton Desborough on
  • I woud like to see a Series about turning 3D Prints into a resign or Silikon mold, for a small line of reproduction.

    M. Fornefeld on
  • Love all the BitY videos I’ve seen, and I would be happy to see some ads to cover costs of releasing more content :)
    Kind of a specific request, but I would like a tutorial on creating a trapped in amber type effect. At least I haven’t seen any BitY videos covering how you would suspend something in a clear or transparently coloured resin, and that’s something that really appeals to me! Thanks!

    Georgia on
  • I do enjoy how there are no ads currently.
    However if you are adding your dvd content to youtube I would expect to see some ads for you to make some money off of them.
    If you didn’t want ads, then you could post to vimeo or another online video content location where you can still charge (Sorry, no good example.)

    Kent on

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