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Sil Key is here!

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Those of you in the FX world are probably already aware that there has been an extreme shortage of silicone adhesive. The shortage is now over! Telesis 5 and 7 are gone, but we now have Sil-Key from Neill's Materials and Snappy G from MouldLife. Woohoo!!

To celebrate the arrival of the new adhesive formula, Sil-Key, we stuck Timm in the makeup chair and proceeded to stick a Stuart Bray incision to his forehead. Sil-Key is a very potent silicone adhesive that functions as a contact adhesive. To get a good bond between the actor's skin and the silicone prosthetic, the two surfaces to be bonded are painted with a thin layer of Sil-Key and allowed to dry. Once dry, the surfaces are pressed together. The adhesive reacts to the pressure and a secure bond is formed.

For Timm's forehead injury, we did a very simple flat mold application wherein we cast straight Gel-10 into a released Stuart Bray mold and then applied the prosthetic directly from the mold. This is a very simple application process that results in an invisible blending edge.

Once applied, we blended in the piece using the new Key Colour palettes and finished off the injury with some new EBA drying blood for a super realistic look. The new EBA blood is great over silicone and does not bead!

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