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New Matting Gel!

Posted by Mitch Rogers on

One of the problems of silicone makeup is the shine, or gloss, that is prevalent on most fresh silicone makeups. There are several tricks for removing the shine from silicone but some involve tricky timing or powders that may not photograph well. Enter Matting Gel. We have worked with a local formulator to create a special gel for matting silicone as well as surrounding skin. Matting Gel dispenses as a clear gel that may be applied by hand, sponge, or brush. As soon as the gel is spread over the silicone surface the shine is gone. Easy to use and we are packaging it in an easy-to-use pump bottle for quick use on set. 

To test our new Matting Gel, we created some Gel-10 lacerations on my lovely daughter. Normally, once the wound has been sculpted we use a light dusting of translucent face powder or we tap the silicone surface carefully, right before it sets, to remove the gloss. With the new gel, we were able to apply our makeup colors and then apply the Matting Gel to subdue the shine. Once The gel is applied, we do our blood application and the makeup is finished! As a side note, the gel works great with EBA Blood.

In addition to matting silicone buildup makeup (pictured) and prosthetics, matting gel can also be used to apply a matte finish to silicone props.

Check our makeup section for Matting Gel as well as other new makeup FX products now available in the BITY makeup section.

Matting Gel will begin shipping on Monday the 25th of this month.

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