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Deadener LV + PlatSil Gel-25

Posted by Mitch Rogers on

In this long overdue blog post, we introduce you to PlatSil Gel-25 and Deadener LV. The new Deadener LV is the more concentrated, low viscosity version of the popular Smith's Deadener.

PlatSil Gel-25, Deadener LV, and PlatSil Part H were introduced as a complete silicone system that may be softened or hardened. This was a break through for silicones. This is the first system that allows one base material, PlatSil Gel-25, to be adjusted up or down the Shore A scale as needed for prosthetics, lifecasting, mold-making, or prop making.

For the FX world, the immediate use for this system was found in the flat mold prosthetic world. PlatSil Gel-25 may be used to make a flat mold and also used to cast the finished encapsulated prosthetic.

In our latest tutorial, we cover the range of Deadener that may be added to Gel-25 to produce realistic simulations of organic tissue. You can find the Data sheet on Deadener that is referred to in the video here.


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