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Custom Cold Cast Bronze Drawer Pulls

Posted by Mitch Rogers on

In our latest 2 part tutorial, we explain how to mold and cast a clay sculpture to create custom drawer pulls or other furniture parts.We used PlatSil 71-11 for the mold and cast up the parts in TC-800 mixed with Brown Polycolor pigment. The "dusting method"was used to minimize the amount of Bronze powder required. The finished Cold-cast piece was polished with 0000 steel wool to bring out the shine and expose the bronze powder. We also added some Sculpt Nouveau Metal Wax to achieve an oxidized bronze finish.

This is a simple project that we did for one of my kids, starting with her original sculpture. This is a great way to introduce your children to sculpture and mold-making and use up some extra materials in the process.

In the first video, we mold a Protolina Grey-Green sculpture with PlatSil 71-11 silicone.

In the second video, we cast up parts with embedded hardware using TC-800 resin.

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