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Traditional Black Patina

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Important! Traditional Patinas are only shipped by UPS or Fed Ex ground only. Traditional patinas can not be shipped USPS. Choosing USPS as a shipping option will delay shipping.

Classic black patinas in a variety of shades and styles for all metals and metal coatings.

Slate Black Patina is a versatile and unique finish for use on iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, or copper.

Applied hot, Slate Black will create a deep brown patina on aluminum and a red-green finish on stainless steel. On iron, steel, and nonferrous metals, Slate Black will form a black patina when applied cold.

Before applying this patina, sandblasting or sanding is required to clean the surface of oil, oxides, and residues. Slate Black may be applied as a spray or in an immersion process. Depending on the application method chosen, the results will range from a uniform solid color to a layered textured appearance. Slate Black Patina may be diluted up to 50% with distilled water depending on the desired strength of finish. The finish may be burnished wet or dry. Additional patinas can be layered over a Slate Black base. When dry, protect the finish with multiple coats of a clear sealer.

In his ongoing series of free video lessons, Ron Young demonstrates the Slate Black Patina application process on bronze cold cast resin.

Black Magic Patina instantly creates a beautiful rich black patina on clean iron & steel. Rust will not occur immediately as with other darkening patinas. Water rinsing is a good neutralizer and will not cause rust. Rust will occur after 12 hours if a clear sealer is not applied.

Black Magic will darken bonded bronze, brass, and copper castings as well as Sculpt Nouveau’s Metal Coatings to an orange-black color.
Black Magic creates a beautiful brown-black patina on cleaned bronze, brass, and copper.

Stainless Black Patina is made to create a black patina finish on stainless steel.

Zinc Grey Patina creates a grey patina finish on zinc. (Call to order)

Traditional Patinas are only shipped by ground.

Technical Data:   Product Guide                                                                                                        SDS:   Black Magic  -  Slate Black  -  Stainless Black

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