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Smart Stains - 8oz

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Smart Stain is a strong, non-hazardous, fast drying, transparent patina system. It has no VOC and no odor. Smart Stain works on any metal or substrate as well as over patinas and other oxides.

Smart Stain is made by combining finely ground, naturally occurring colored oxides with a water base polymer/resin binder. It is sold concentrated and may be diluted with distilled water up to 25% to increase transparency. Only Smart Coat 1K should be used to dilute any further.

Technical Data:   Product Guide  -  SDS

For exterior applications, Smart Stain should be sealed with three layers of Smart Coat 1K (with a one hour drying time between each layer).
You can also seal it with Clear Guard however since the Smart Stains are water based you need to let them dry for at least 4 days. This is the reason the Smart Coat 1K is more suited for the sealer for Smart Stains

Smart Stain contains UV inhibitors and will not fade outdoors if maintained properly. Maintenance requirements will vary by location. In most environments, regular application of a wax or oil is sufficient to maintain this finish.

Smart Stains come available in the following 14 colors.
Black, Blue, Blue Green, Brown, Green, Green Blue, Orange, Pea Green, Red, Stealth Green, Verde, Violet, White, and Yellow.

Other sizes are available please contact us for pricing

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