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New Skin Cast Silicone Extra Soft OO50 Gel - All Kit Sizes

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Skin cast silicone Gel is a special, super soft, translucent, low-cost, silicone gel formula for casting applications such as medical models, props, adult novelties, and padding. Skin cast Gel mixes 1:1 by weight and has a very low viscosity as well as a fast demold time. May be pigmented with out silicone pigments and flocking colors. We recommend a combination of silicone pigment and flocking for best simulation of organic tissue.

May be cast into resin molds (such as EasyFlo 120 or TC-1630), properly sealed and released plaster/stone molds, alginate molds, and properly released (2350 liquid release or Eject-it 33 spray release) Platinum silicone molds.

Cures to a very soft ~OO5

Working time at 70F: 6-8 Minutes

Demold Time at 70F: ~1 Hour

Mixed Viscosity: ~1800 cps

Important! This is a very, very soft Gel! It is not intended for use as a skin by itself or for molding applications. For high tear strength, we recommend PlatSil Gel-10, Gel-OO, or Gel-25. Skin Cast Gel can be used to fill areas of a cast (such as breasts) where Gel-10 or Gel-OO have been used as a skin.

Technical Data: DataSheet

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