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Skin Cast Silicone - 0050

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Skin Cast OO50 is a pourable, super soft, strong, skin material that is ideal for silicone masks, dolls, padding, medical simulators, and adult novelties. OO50 translates to ~10 on the A scale. May be used in conjunction with other Skin Cast Gels for medical simulators and other applications where a very realistic simulation of human skin is required.

May be used with Skin Cast OO30, Skin Cast OO10, and Skin Cast OOO5 in layers to create realistic feeling skins.

Skin Cast mixes 1:1 by weight and has a very low viscosity as well as a fast demold time. May be pigmented with out silicone pigments and flocking colors. We recommend a combination of silicone pigment and flocking for best simulation of organic tissue.

May be cast into resin molds, properly sealed and released plaster/stone molds, alginate molds, and properly released (2350 liquid release or Eject-it 33 spray release) Platinum silicone molds.

Cures to a soft ~OO50 (Like Your Fingertips)

Working time at 70F: 15-20 Minutes

Demold Time at 70F: ~3-4 Hours

Mixed Viscosity: ~9,000 cps

May be painted with PlatSil Gel-10. See our Gel-10 painting tutorial for more painting information.

Technical Data: DataSheet         SDS: Part A  -  Part B

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