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Skin Cast Silicone - 0005 Soft Gel - All Kit Sizes

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Important! Skin Cast Extra Soft Gel is VERY soft Gel silicone, much like Deadened silicone. It is not intended for molding applications or skins that require high strength! For high tear strength, we recommend Skin Cast OO30, Skin Cast OO50, or 5110. Skin Cast can be used to fill areas of a cast (such as breasts) where Skin Cast OO30, OO50, or 5110 have been used as a skin.

Skin cast silicone Gel is a special, super soft, translucent, low-cost, silicone gel formula for casting applications such as medical models, props, adult novelties, and padding. Skin cast Gel mixes 1:1 by weight and has a very low viscosity as well as a fast demold time. May be pigmented with out silicone pigments and flocking colors. We recommend a combination of silicone pigment and flocking for best simulation of organic tissue.

May be cast into resin molds (such as ArtKast or TC-1630), properly sealed and released plaster/stone molds, alginate molds, and properly released (2350 liquid release or Eject-it 33 spray release) Platinum silicone molds.

Cures to a very soft ~OO5

Working time at 70F: 6-8 Minutes

Demold Time at 70F: ~1 Hour

Mixed Viscosity: ~1800 cps

Important! This is a very, very soft Gel! It is not intended for use as a skin by itself or for molding applications.

Technical Data: DataSheet   SDS: Part A  -  Part B

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