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Rigid Casting Foam #3 Density - All Kit Sizes

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Important! This is the low density version of our popular Rigid Casting Foam. This formula is 3lb density. It does "skin," but is best suited for "back-filling" large hollow resin casts.

Rigid Casting Foam #3 Density is a 1A:1B mix by volume polyurethane self-skinning rigid foam that has a free-rise density of 3 lb per cubic foot. Rigid Casting Foam is excellent for back-filling large, rotationally cast parts; such as EasyFlo 120 or ArtKast Pourable.

If you need a casting resin for solid pours such as small bones or decorative parts, check out our economical casting resin ArtKast. ArtKast Pourable resin maybe used to "slosh" a hollow skin that can then be back-filled with Rigid Casting foam to create a tough, impact-resistant, light-weight part.

Generally Rigid Casting Foam is poured into TinSil or PlatSil silicone molds or properly released (Pol Ease 2300) 74 & 75 Series polyurethane rubber molds.

Rigid Casting Foam cures Tan but can be pigmented with PolyPig Pigments. (See urethane additives)

Mixing Ratio: 1A:1B or 120A:100B by Weight
Cream Time: 45 Seconds
Demold Time: 30 Minutes
Ideal working temperature: 75ºF - 85ºF

Contains a Gallon (9lbs) Part A and a Gallon (7.5lbs) Part B.  Total Kit weight 16.5lbs.

Technical Data: Part A - MSDS - Part B - MSDS

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