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Prop Foam 4 - 5 Gallon Kit  (56 lbs)

Prop Foam 4 - 5 Gallon Kit (56 lbs)

  • $375.00

Prop Foam 4 is a 45A:100B mix (by weight) polyurethane self-skinning, low density flexible foam that has a free-rise density of 4 lb per cubic foot. Prop Foam 4 flexible foam is excellent for casting weapon props as well as functional pieces.

Generally Prop Foams are poured into warm TinSil or PlatSil silicone molds.

Prop Foam cures white but can be pigmented with  PolyColors. (See urethane additives)

Mixing Ratio: 45A:100B by Weight
Cream Time: 45 Seconds
Demold Time: 30 Minutes
Ideal working temperature: 75ºF - 85ºF

 Technical Data:  MSDS  Part A - Part B

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