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Midnight Black Traditional Patina

  • $18.00

Traditional Midnight Black Patina reacts on aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, iron, steel (not stainless), and zinc/galvanized. This patina works quickly and has excellent durability. Rust is slower to develop compared to other black patinas which allows greater flexibility when applying a sealer. On aluminum (full strength), the first coat produces a fast grey/black finish. Additional coats create a solid black that does not rub off easily. On steel (full strength), one coat makes a blue/black oil slick finish. Extra coats darken the patina. On zinc/galvanized (full strength), the first application establishes a bronze/brown finish. Reapplication results in even more warm color with great adhesion. On bronze, brass, and copper (diluted 1:1 with distilled water), the first coat produces a beautiful brown patina. Second and third coats darken the patina to a rich antique black.

Important! Traditional Patinas must be shipped UPS Ground!

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