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Clear Guard

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Important! This product cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii or be shipped via USPS. This product must be shipped UPS or Fed Ground ONLY.

Clear Guard is a crystal clear, durable, air drying lacquer that results in a hard, fast drying, and tarnish resistant film. It has excellent adhesion to bronze, brass, copper, and other metals as well as to patinas and rusted metal. Clear Guard is suitable for use with all types of application equipment. Once thinned, it may be used with sprayers.

Because of its unique chemistry, orange peel is virtually non-existent. Clear Guard is UV stable and highly resistant to weather, water, and chemical damage. It also resists marring and perspiration better than most solvent lacquers.

Clear Guard comes in Satin or Matte finishes and is made in both normal and environmentally friendly (EF) formulas. Clear Guard is a product of Sculpt Nouveau and is a comparable alternative to Permalac.

Clear Guard 12oz. spray cans are only shipped by UPS Ground. We do not ship this product to Alaska or Hawaii.

Technical Data:   Product Guide - Datasheet                                                                                        SDS:   Clear Guard - Clear Guard EF  - Spray  - Spray EF   

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