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1lb Bulk Flocking Powder

1lb Bulk Flocking Powder

  • $27.00

Flocking Powder works great for coloring in translucent silicone, gelatin and other translucent materials to get a suspended look.

Flocking is NOT meant to be used on its own to color Silicone. It is meant to be used with Silicone Pigments.

Add Flocking to PlatSil Gel-10, PlatSil Gel-25, & PlatSil Gel-00 to achieve tissue like appearance as it doesn't affect the opacity or the translucency of the gel.

Colors Available: Tan, Brown, Flesh (Caucasian), Red, Pink, Blue, Yellow Green, Black & White.
32 ounces of Flocking by Volume. Product may settle during shipping. 

Technical Data:  MSDS

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