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Silver Vinyl Resin Paint

Silver Vinyl Resin Paint

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Vinyl Resin is a durable, versatile, low-maintenance coating for most surfaces including newly galvanized ironwork, aluminum, and structural steel as well as wood, resin, plastics, and concrete.

Vinyl Resin does not require a primer. It is fast drying, does not chip and is a great choice for rust protection, finishes for large structures, or decorative ironwork.

Surface preparation is extremely important when using Vinyl Resin. Surfaces must be free of all dirt, oils, rust, and moisture before application. Depending on the substrate, sandblasting, sanding, or wire brushing may be required along with a good metal cleaner such as Sculpt Nouveau Metal Cleaner/de-greaser.

Vinyl Resin Paint is also a great sealer for water based clay and may be used to seal water based clay sculptures for mold making. This is an ideal sealer for matrix molds when water based clay is used.

Use in a well ventilated area and appropriate PPE for handling paints and solvents.

Important! Vinyl Resin Paint is a flammable aerosol and must be shipped UPS Ground only!

Technical Data:   Product Guide - Datasheet  -  SDS

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