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EverClear Spray Can 12oz

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Important! EverClear contains solvent and must be shipped UPS or FedEx Ground.

Sculpt Nouveau Ever-Clear acrylic urethane is a two part clear, durable, low VOC, air drying coating. It is formulated for use on bronze, brass, copper, steel, wood, terracotta, ceramics, and concrete. Sculpt Nouveau Ever-Clear provides unusual under-film tarnish protection as well as superior resistance to UV light, salt air environments, and most chemicals.

The spray can is the simplest and most convenient way to apply Ever-Clear. The high quality nozzle delivers spray gun caliber results without the need for any additional equipment. Just activate, shake, and spray. Please click here for a video demonstration.

Sculpt Nouveau Ever-Clear is sold in 16oz., 32oz., 1 gal., and 5 gal. sizes as well as 12oz. spray cans. To more accurately describe the shine, Ever-Clear names have shifted slightly. It is now sold in super gloss (formerly gloss), gloss (formerly satin), satin (formerly matte), and matte (formerly double matte) formulas.

Technical Data:  SDS

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