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CopyCat 6760 Lifecasting Silicone - All Sizes

  • $42.00

CopyCat is our new, fast setting, self releasing lifecasting silicone formula. CopyCat may be used, without release agent to mold close cropped beards and eyebrows as well as other areas of the body.

As it comes. CopyCat 6760 is a fairly thick silicone. If you want a runny consistency for better detail over large areas, up to 20% silicone fluid can be added. Adding silicone fluid will also extend the working time slightly.

For large body molds, use CopyCat with a backup layer of Gel-25 for extra strong molds.

Mix ratio is 1:1 by weight. Working time is ~3-4 minutes. Demold time ~10 minutes.

Important! Working time and demold time may vary based on skin temperature of subject being molded.

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