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W.M. Creations Old Age Stipple B 2oz.

  • $26.32

The most widely used stipple in the industry.

All old age stipples are available in light skin tone (neutral and dark skin tone formulas available on special order).

Clean skin with 70% or 99% Alcohol for maximum adhesion. Decant stipple into a small container and heat in a microwave for 2 seconds. Be careful not to over heat as the material will coagulate. Stretch and stipple skin area with a light coat of desired old age stipple, powder and release. Castor Oil makeup base or Stacolors may be used as translucent washes over or under stipples for a natural look. A wash of Castor Oil and 70% Alcohol may be used to remove the powdery look of latex over the stretched and stippled area.

To remove stipples, massage any liquid hand soap into stippled area and let soak for at least one minute. Apply a warm, wet towel to area for one minute and repeat process. Stipple may be rolled off the skin.

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