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How to use Prosthetic Flat Moulds

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Have you been curious about the Stuart Bray prostheteic Flat Moulds or just been wanting to learn more about the Flat Mould process? Well you are in luck as Stuart Bray has put together a video showing how to use the Flat Moulds. 
In this video Sturart shows How to fill Flat Moulds.  

If you'd like to download this video to watch later please note that it is in a .wmv file format.  Also check out the PDF instructions on this process. 

Pre-made Prosthetic Flat Moulds are made of platinium cure silicone and can be used with products such as PlatSil Gel-10, PlatSil Gel-00, Encapsulants, (Super Baldiez, cap plastic), Gelatin, latex and ect. 

The download video will only be be processed during businees hours.

The video will expire 10 days after its been processed.  Feel free to download again so you can watch while on road trips or when you don't have access to the internet. 


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