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Hot & Cold Patina Application DVD

Hot & Cold Patina Application DVD

  • $26.00

In this DVD, Ron Young will teach you the essential steps to create beautiful hot or cold reactive patinas on steel and copper using Sculpt Nouveau's Patinas. 99 minutes, 2011.

DVD Contents:

Surface Preparation
Surface Prep for Steel
Surface Prep for Hot Patinas
Surface Prep for Cold Patinas

Hot Patinas
Japanese Brown Patina
Cupric Nitrate Patina
Ferric Nitrate Patina
Rainbow Patina
Universal Black Patina

Cold Patinas
Liver of Sulfur Patina
Slate Black Patina
Birchwood Casey M-24 Patina
Light Green Patina
Japanese Brown Patina

Advanced Hot Patinas
Red Patina
Silver Nitrate Patina
Pink Granite Patina
Multi-Layered Patina

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