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Tin Cure 5092 Slow, Medium, & Fast Set Mold Making Silicone - All Kit Sizes

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5092 is our new pourable and brushable (with Thixo) tin cure silicone system for a variety of molding and casting applications. 5092 cures to a tough, ~25A and is ideal for resin casting, candle making, Art Bronze (lost wax patterns), and much more. 5092 is available with 3 different catalysts, offering a slow, medium, and fast set.

This is a very popular silicone for making large monument molds for art bronze as the Thixo creates a nice, thixotropic mixture that may be brushed or troweled onto vertical surfaces. 5092 also has a very long and stable "library" life allowing for a long casting and storage life.

Important! This is a Tin Cure or Condensation cure silicone. Humid, hot weather will accelerate the cure and demold time. A very hot and humid shop will act as an accelerator!!

Thicken for brush-on molds with 5092 Thixo.

Release patterns with Eject-it 33/Supralease PTR.

Important! 5092 with Red catalyst will lower the "library" life faster than the Yellow catalyst.

Red Catalyst: Very Fast

Yellow Catalyst: Medium

Purple Catalyst: Slow

Mixed viscosity: 25,000 cp.

Working Time at 70F: ~30 minutes (Yellow Cat.) ~15 Min. (Red Cat)

Demold Time at 70F: ~16hrs (Yellow Cat.) ~4 Hours (Red Cat.)

Mix Ratio: 10:1 by weight

Applications include:
Hobby and art projects ~ Foundry , sculpture, and figurines ~ Candle and Soap Molds ~ Rapid Prototyping~ Special Effects ~ Model Making

Product Data:   Data Sheet  -  SDS


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