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TC-800 Casting Resin Fast Set - All Kit Sizes

  • $24.00

TC-800 A/B is an easy to use rigid urethane casting material. TC-800 A/B exhibits excellent physical properties, very low viscosity, high heat capability and quick demold times. The one-to-one volume ratio makes it perfect for use with dispensing equipment. TC-800 A/B is a great product when ABS-type parts with a quick turnaround are required. Features a non-mercury based catalyst system. TC-800 resin may be pigmented with Polycolor pigments. PolyFiber thickener may also be added to TC-800. Click here to see our full selection on Polyurethane additives and fillers.

Shore Hardness Worktime Demold Time Shrinkage
Viscosity Ratio
75 D 2-minutes 1 hour 0.007 200 cps 100/88 pbw (100/100 pbv)


Technical Data:  Datasheet -- SDS  Part A - Part B

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