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TC-277 Flexible Foam Black - All Kit Sizes

  • $49.00

TC-277 is a two-component, flexible polyurethane foam.  The cured material feels similar to foam sandals.  End users can adjust firmness with a slight ratio change as listed below.  Common applications are prototypes, prosthetics, medical training devices, movie special effects props and more. This material is frequently molded behind BJB’s flexible polyurethanes.


  • TC-277 at a ratio of 75/100 pbw produces a firm, quick recovery foam.  At 60/100 pbw, the result will be a slightly softer foam.
  • For best results using self-skinning foams, BJB recommends using rigid mold materials like our TC-1630 and TC-1650/1651 instead of silicone molds.
  • Density is based off of free-rise, unrestricted samples. Typical castings in a closed mold with back pressure will increase density and reduce expansion rate. This will often require up to 1.5 to 2.5 times more foam than theoretical calculated amount of foam for a given volume and mold shape/goemetry. Also temperature of liquid foam, relative humidity, and mixing technique (hand stirred vs jiffy mix with a drill) will also affect expansion rate of foam.


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