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Styroplast - QT

Styroplast - QT

  • $29.95

Protect and beautify with our one-of-a-kind brush-on encapsulant

Whether you are producing signage or protecting delicate forms for themed scenery, Styroplast will outperform all other coatings.

Brush-on encapsulant with fast set time that is designed to provide an impact and fire resistant shell for numerous substrates including EPS/Styrofoam, insulative foams, and wood. It is especially formulated to be the best brush-on foam encapsulent. Spray application is not recommended.

Very little weight is added, reducing the need for structural support. Water resistant and chemically inert once cured, it is VOC-free.

Feel: Smooth Plastic
Application time: 10-20 Minutes
Work time: 30-45 minutes
Cure time: 12 hours
Weatherproof: Weather Resistant
Sandable: Sandable
Paint/Stain: Second coat or paint MUST be applied within 2-12 hours or will not stick
Compatible with: Can be applied over any other coating; Grit can be used on top as texture

Coverage: This coating is very strong, even when applied very thin:

1/64 inch thick
1/32 inch thick
1/16 inch thick
1/8 inch thick
1/4 inch thick
Quart Coverage:
26 sq ft
13 sq ft
6 sq ft
3 sq ft
1.5 sq ft

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